My name is Tyko Runesson and I build handcrafted custom guitars and other instruments for all kinds of musicians. I take extreme pride in giving my customers individual service building them their dream custom instrument by hand and all by myself.                 

At my workshop, Runesson Instruments, you have the unique opportunity to select your own specific look, style and inherent qualities of your dream instrument. You can choose the body model from an already existing model, tweak it, or even draw your own body and headstock shape. Later on you can decide upon a specific neck profile, neck width, number of strings, string spacing, fanned frets, microphone, inlays, sound qualities, wood species, and much much more. A true custom-made instrument built just for you! My Runesson instruments are specifically handmade with the professional musician in mind, either onstage or in the studio. Each instrument is individually crafted, taking great care in the selection of wood, tone, resonance and design. Standard models are also available, but the border between standard and custom starts to fade when the customer’s wishes have been applied to the "standard" models. The choices are unlimited. 


At Runesson Instruments, just the finest wood is selected from a healthy European forest near my local workshop. No endangered or illegal tropical woods, or other foreign woods, are used that have to travel from far away. My exclusive wood selection comes mainly from Switzerland and stands up to FSC-certificate regulations. Runesson Instruments works exclusively with natural hot hide glue for its supreme qualities. For lacquer I use hand-applied shellac and spirit varnish. Most of the work is done with simple craftsman hand tools and abrasives are rarely used. A scraped or cut surface is preferred both for the look and for the gluing abilities.


For me the tone of the instrument is like the human voice. It should have the freedom to express itself with a strong and personal character. I like to build with my special technique that takes away the major force that the string-stretching places on the sound board. My special model with a flying buttress and low tension bridge arrangement lets me build the soundboard for tonality without compromising stability. It creates a very responsive, loud, dynamic and colourful-sounding instrument.


With the adjustable neck angle you can quickly and easily change the string action with a light turning of a screw combine used as a strap button. The bridge incorporates an adjustable bridge bone that lets you set the perfect intonation for every desired string set or tuning. In the neck I use my unique light weight one-way adjustable truss rod made of durable stainless steel. It is built in one piece right along with the neck.